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Our Services:

  • Filtration

  • Conditioners

  • Valving

  • Automation

  • Pumping & Reticulation

  • Chemical Injection

  • Pools & Spas

  • Irrigation

  • Fluid Process & System Design

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Our business has been built on the philosophy of supplying quality filtration equipment at realistic prices, and ensuring that our customers are provided with a product correctly suited and sized to their requirements. Servicing our customers needs is integral to our business operation. Because many filtration products require maintenance to ensure safe operation, we provide regular after-sales service as and when required. We have an extensive office, store and workshop complex behind the showroom, and our comprehensive stock range gives us 24 hour access to parts needed for our service back-up.

While household water filters are perhaps our most commonly recognized filters, we are also known for our expertise in the complex field of rural and industrial filtration. Cleanflo designs and equipment are used extensively by the rural sector, horticulture industry, processing factories, industrial plants, school and house sup-divisions in the lower South Island.

Engineering backgrounds enable us to design, manufacture and install water treatment systems to specific customer requirements, and our attention to detail has resulted in a satisfied client base, and as a reputation as ‘the people to see’ for water treatment.


         Rural Filtration & Mineral Dosing

Solu-dose Nutrient Injector

The Solu-Dose is the user friendly nutrient injector, designed to minimize farm maintence.

  • Low maintenance, trouble free operation – the nutrient solution is drawn up from the solution tank by vacuum, which means there’s virtually nothing to wear. Few moving parts means low maintenance.

  • Easy to install – the Solu-Dose 58440 is pre-assembled, ready to screw to the wall and connect to the water supply

  • No pre-filter needed – because the Solu-Dose does not operate on fine mechanical tolerances, there is no need for a filter before it.

  • Easy to use – The Solu-Dose is an in-line system, so no water by-pass manifold and/or valves are required, Simply turn off the power switch when nutrient injection is not required.

  •  2 year warranty

WINNER – INVENTIONS AWARDS – Market Prototypes Southern Field Days, Waimumu 2000.

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The NEW high pressure Solu-dose is here. Designed and manufactured by Cleanflo to dose minerals into your farm water line for your Dairy Cows.

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Iron Removal Systems

  • Cleanflo Filtration Limited will custom design & build these systems specifically to your needs.


Here at Cleanflo Filtration Limited we have all your needs covered for both Sales and Servicing of  Pumps. Whether it be a Domestic House Pump,Rural &  Commercial Pumps or for your Spa Pool and Swimming Pool.

We can Repair , Supply and Install.

After Hours Service Available.

027 434 0108


Ultra-Violet Water Treatment


Ultra violet (UV) water disinfection systems are an effective and economic means of of eliminating harmful bacteria from water supplies. UV is commonly used for water disinfection on a wide range of water sources including Domestic Tank Water and by many local councils,schools,the dairy,food and brewing industries to ensure their water is safe to drink.


Benefits of an ultra-violet system

 Reduces bacteria and viruses up to 99.9% at the rated flow
Immediate, economical disinfection process, using less energy than a typical household light bulb
Low maintenance
Natural process which disinfects without chemicals, and has no effect on taste
Beneficial minerals are retained
Visual and audible double check indicators for lamp faliure
Available pre-assembled for easy installation, or as components only

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