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Chengeta have an extensive range of products available.  Below is the information for Reaction Rapid N Plus.  Please go to the link at the bottom of the page for all technical information on all of Omnia’s products and please feel free to contact us for any other information.

 Reaction Rapid N Plus

 A nitrogen fertilizer with activating agents to increase nitrogen efficiency.

Your nutrient budget is no longer a challenge!  New AgResearch data shows up to 10 times more N efficiency with Rapid N Plus.   This means you can easily achieve your nutrient budget and help the environment while increasing your productivity and efficiency.

Chengeta’s exclusive nitrogen product with patented ingredients gives more yield per unit of N: this means Rapid N Plus is in a unique position to give you fast and proven results.  This includes excellent quality in your yield- protein, starch, ME, digestibility- all score as good as conventional Nitrogen programmes.

Rapid N Plus features:

  • Two forms of nitrogen (immediate and sustained response).

  • Seaweed stimulates the grass.

  • Giberellic acid – increases dry matter production.

  • Elicitor – works with urease enzyme to provide Nitrogen efficiency.

Rapid N Plus has been trialed in a range of different climatic conditions in seven different regions of New Zealand looking at pasture response when compared with Urea.

Rapid N Plus has consistently given as good or better responses than standard Urea.

For more details download the Chengeta brochure below.

Application Rates

Rapid N Plus should be applied at 10-25 litres per ha.

Water Volume: Apply Rapid N Plus in a minimum of 10 litres per 1 litre of product:

NOTE: Lower water rates than those recommended may cause crop scorch.

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